Boston & New York – The Tale of Two Cities

This blog’s been rather neglected, especially considering that there’s been no posts so far! We’re in Philadelphia at the moment, the third stop on our tour around America.

Boston was really cool (yes that word was chosen given Mark’s birthday card from Annie!), with a beautiful location, especially the view from our window, free wi-fi and a traditional American breakfast of pancakes. The weather was top notch, as well. The fish & chips in the pub in the hotel was exactly what we needed after about ten hours on the road, and we ate there four of the five nights.

ImageNew York, however, was a bit of a catastrophe. The hotel was lacklustre, with wi-fi only available in the lobby, surly staff, dreadful food in the cafe, and just an awful awful area, the sort where you just don’t feel safe after about 6pm. The hotel was more Bates Motel than Hilton Hotel. It says a lot when the highlight of that part of the trip is a choice between a tour where you can’t take pictures (which was still very interesting!) and going to see the Unisphere and getting caught in a storm.

Philadelphia so far is a much better hotel, with wi-fi in the rooms and much more light and general enthusiasm so far.

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2 thoughts on “Boston & New York – The Tale of Two Cities

  1. Hi boys, glad it’s getting better. Love you both xx

  2. Annie

    Well as its been a while since you added anything new we can only assume things have got better! Hope you’re having fun! x

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